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[[ New Account ]] [22 Dec 2006|07:37pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

yes, i have a new account!
[click above please! :9]
because i've had this one since 2002,
i wanted a new username for a while now,
and. . . why not? :b

since it's friends only,
[again, why?
i dunno :D]
do comment it, please :D
although if you don't, i'll still be able to add you back. .
but it would be easier for me ;<

thank youuuuuu!

[ex's & oh's],
d o | | i e

p.s. i wrote a nice little intro thingie on my userinfo on my new account. .
so if you're bored,
take a look ;}
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[[ Madness in Hollywood ]] [20 Dec 2006|12:37pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

SSSOOOOO CARRIE [me, dumbshits. <3] realized how simple it is to hop on the train if she ever wanted to go to LA & back, as long as she's back by her curfew that night & such. it makes for a happy little girl ! :D

so yesterday, my cousin [Inna] picked me up and took me to the station, but she thought my train left 10 minutes later than i told her, so we RAN to my dock but the train was departing already. . . so i caught the next one, and got to LA around 3, where Becca's mommy picked me up in their ghetto-ass jetta<3 it was wonderful! when i finally got to Becca we just about molested each other ^_^ YAAAYYY<333333333333333 and to think we met at the MKiO videoshoot :D well, maybe not that surprising. ANYWAYS, we went to Hollywood and frolicked like unicorn crack addicts [according to my imagination].

best moment.
we went to Ralph's to buy some sandwiches. . . taking pics of each other. . . then i asked some old guy with scraggly hair to take a picture of us, and he was all OKAY LOLZ, so we posed, this and that, i unzipped my jacket a bit, then the guy was all, "OH YEAH! JUST LIKE SUICIDE GIRLS! YEAH RIGHT HERE!"
Becca & i were just like. . . nah, not for you >_>

blablablabla later on we got to guitar center, and met up with Ehriz! [thanks Becca :b] FINALLY. YAYYYY. i was a *happy* carrie. he was gorgeous ^__^ but we had a very short time to conversate and whatnot ;0 although, he -did- diagnose Becca with a brown recluse bite. . .as her infection thingie popped and well, we saw it all >:D so, BECCA DON'T DIE I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU *crycrywhinewhine* anyway, we had goood times. .walked Ehriz back to work, cracked open a champaigne bottle and bid him adieu with handkerchiefs. . .just kidding. but, best hug in the world! :] alright, i'm done being borderline girly on lj about this.
.. anyways

would you care for a spot of . . pictures?Collapse )

[all taken via becca's camera]

oh, did i mention i dropped my replacement phone in GC's toilet?
i have no logical or scientific explanation for it, either.
but i'm getting another replacement phone by tonight.
and i'm going to actually take care of it >_> till we all get new phones in Feb. yeh.
i'm done!

l o v e ,
[ carrie ]

edit: i'm creating a new LJ. i just went through hundreds of old entries. . hiding them becuase they're so RIDICOULSLY stupid, my my. and i've had this LJ for ages, too. time to start off new!
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[[ whatever will we do with you ! ]] [13 Dec 2006|07:55pm]

the first couple are retouched by becca,

from a self-photoshoot i did on friday [ 12 / 9 ] . . .Collapse )

& the rest by lucas. .
just because they're retouched doesn't mean i had ugly pimples all over my face,
and wierd things hanging out.
'tis for fun!
so please enjoy,
tell me your thoughts,
& such & such :>

[d o | | i e]
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[07 Dec 2006|09:14pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Tuesday Night.

Murphey's Law upped me in the butt reaaaaaaaaaaal good,
then it wanted some more,
and i cried,
and i tried killing myself.

that's my story in a nutshell,
but here's the thing :D

let's go back a bit to last Saturday. . Dec 2, i was supposed to go down to The Whiskey to see my friends Element A440 & The Iris play. i had a ride, was good to my mom, blablabla, yet i was given a lame, bullshit excuse from my mom not letting me go. i was really looking foward to hanging out with ze rockstarsl0lz, and meeting up with some new friends. . but that didn't happen. bah :[

fast foward to Monday night. . . my cel phone completely shut down. wtf?! having verizon, my phone doesn't come with a memory card i could just transfer to a different mobile. . . and since my phone wouldnt go past the "verizon wireless" screen when "turning on", i lost all my contact info. YAAAAAYYYYYYY

so, if any of you were in my phone [i don't remember], please e-mail me your numbers at lollivamp@hotmail.com :]

now because of my phone, my dad stayed up till 1am working with tech support. now, my dad usually goes to bed around 9-10, and wakes up around 5:30am . . .and evidently ends up waking me up since i ignore my alarm clock. but becuase he stayed up so late, he woke up late, and came to my room at 6:25am. oh, by the way, i was going on a trip to L.A. with my fashion class, where the bus left school at 6:15am. had it not been for my phone, my dad would've woken up early and been able to wake me in time. but i DID set my alarm clock at 4am. . . and i guess. . . . somehow, i instinctively turned it off, i don't even REMEMBER it. which sucked. i had no phone to call my teacher with, or recieve calls anyways, until about 8am. the bus waited for me till 6:30, but had to go. . . . everyone was so sad i couldnt go, cuz duh, i'm fabulous. haha, but really, i'm fun to have around :] then i realized, that this was a good slap in the face for me, showing me how i have to be responsible with waking up on time and blablabla. Murphey's Law just had to be on that day, but i suppose that's what ML is. i wasn't really disappointed since i've been to all the locations we were going to. . .but i was also supposed to meet up with my friend Ehriz at the mall, since i didn't go to the saturday show. ;< sniff sniff. i was looking foward to meeting him. :T

soo. that's it for now. .other than my old english teacher asked me today if i wanted to sell my art on his website. . which he claims will be a huge hit. :0 i guess i could be making prints off my work and selling them! woo :] that and, i may be doing some fashion designs for a brand. . . we'll see how things roll.

la la la, procrastinating homework is bad.
talking about not doing it, and still not doing it,
is also bad.

'bout concludes it.

[d o | |]

oh. here's a couple makeupless pictures . . . why? because i don't look too bad in them, AND WHY NOT SEE THE REAL ME *evil cackle* <a href=Collapse )
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[[ uhhh ]] [18 Nov 2006|08:32pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

i have not updated you, journal.
not in a very long time.
because myspace took over.

. . . myspaaacceee :T

last saturday i went to LA w/ Cal & Tiffany for Mankind Is Obsolete's video shoot for "Victory" & some of "Puppet" during the concert after the shoot. it was super funnn<33 and leik, i made new friends. yAaaAyY. anyways. i met becca. . .formerly INKET on myspace. she looked way too familiar to me, vice versa, and turns out we knew each other. i dunno. fun stuff :D NEXT day i went to see Deadsy & Deftones @ SOMA. i got in the guestlist, helped out Deadsy with promoting and and violating people in the lines, hung out with Claudia of Lunarclick and got free Deadsy swag ^_^ aww, the guys are so nice. i love them! i don't see why everyone says Elijah is full of himself, blablabla. he was super sweet to me ;D. after the show i went into their tour bus, and drew stuff for Claudia, making fun of Deadsy. . fun fun. and might i just say. .



i'm just going to bullet things that i'm currently doing. . . or in the makes of doing. . .or whatever-the-fuck-of doing.

  • As some of you already know, i'm Hot Monkey Love Cafe's new gothic / industrial / electronica [& any sub-genres] club promoter. . .i have monthly shows, and to see any upcoming events, check my myspace blog about it. otherwise i'll just be posting info about the monthly shows through here :D next show: JANUARY 26 or 27. . DEATHROCK SHOW with Astrovamps, Calabrese, & most likely Tragic Black & Scarlet's Remains. . flyers will be made shortly :D:D

    so if there's anyone you want to see play here in [San Diego, CA] . . . or you're in a band, etcetc. let me know ;]
    p.s. i'm coming up with a name for my club, too. trying to get something spooky AND industrial. what about Club Nightmare ? get back to me<33

  • most likely going to produce Element A440's next music video. . maybe in december :>

  • modeling<3 there's a pretty boy named Ehriz who wants to do a shoot with me ^___^. so i'm just waiting on when :>. that and i'm gonna work with some photographers once my mom stops procrastinating & signs release forms for me. . since i'm underage :/ but i'm still excited. gahh.

  • i haven't been able to play any music lately, sadly :[ i've been so overwhelmed. watch me cry and cut myself.

    regarding my art skillz:
  • tattoo designs. . . [sp?]
    [i'm jotting this down for myself: Halo, GL!TCH, Alvin, Stephanie]
  • in the makes of putting a small graphic novel together. . . i have a story down in peom form. it's spooky & digestable ;} i have pictures to draw to it, and i'm going to try getting it published @ Slave Labor Comics [jhonen vasquez, nightmares & fairytales, etc]
  • ditto but i have a few comic ideas in mind. in the makes of creating my characters
  • band merch art
  • just. drawing :] & designing fashion. . building my portfolio of somethingness.

    that's all i can think of. . .
    life is good.

    i hope you all made it through this.
    if you didn't get this far, then you're dead to me.
    but then again, you wouldn't be reading this. :D

    [ that is all, ]
    d ♥ | |
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you. [20 Aug 2006|03:20am]
[ mood | happy ]

This is also DEADSY's CD Release Show/Party for their upcoming album, "PHANTASMAGORE".
You want to make sure you come. . .and savor all the orgasms eluding from so many synthesizers ;D

you stupids.



p.s. if you have a deviantART account, add the Official Lunarclick dA community. . . please spread the word! create anything artistic Lunarclick-related, & either note the community on dA or contact me through LJ and i will upload it :>!
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TOKYO! [13 Aug 2006|02:15am]
[ mood | chipper ]

by the way, i'm in TOKYO right now.
. . . from august 9th to the 23rd.
and i think my heart failed on me just over a trillion+ times x_x
[not literalyyy]

i got here on thursday [japan time, weds. for you american folk ahahaha], friday i went to Shinjuku, yesterday went to Shibuya, and today [SUNDAYY] HARAJUKU. uhm. oh my god!?! if you don't know much about Harajuku on sundays. . .well. EVERYBODY is there. but i havent seen cosplayers like i saw in magazines and stuff,m but there's street fashion and loli's and jrockers everywhere :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDdd kay, i'll have pictures later. tomorrow i'm going to Kyoto, then a couple days on Osaka, then back to Tokyo.

i get a lot of attention too. becauseeeee i dont have azn eyes? i do cool makeup? i have a bigger rack than everyone else? fuck. hahaha. i dont think anyone cares,w hich is good. but when i was in Shibuya looking at socks, these japanese girls walking on hte street shouted/waved to me and were all "KAWAIII!!" [aka 'cute']. i was all confused but i smiled andd yeah :D

so, i have to return to Harajuku tonite [its 6:30 pm here] and look at shoes. . .goddamn, everything is fucking expensive. all the lolita dresses are no less than $130, but a lot were over $200. even the little bonnets were like $30-70 :'< bah.

so far i've bought a million socks, two belts, a skirt, accessories :DDD you'll be jealous when i post pictures of them x_X . so far jackets & shirts dont work for me because um..i have b00bs :/. . .compared to japanese women. eeeeeh. oh well xl

oh &, for those of you wondering why i'm here.
a] if you know me, you know i draw manga, so duh i want to go to japan
b] fashionnnn & jrock
c] culture/green scenery<3

that is all,

p.s. i update my myspace blog, too, about this trip :D
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[ Awake, little ones ] [22 Mar 2006|06:38pm]
[ mood | good ]

I wrote this for a school exam [inclass essay], but i didn't want to lose it. The theme was to write about a small experience you had that made you realize something about the natural world. . . [something along those lines.]


We are believed to be human, we are believed to be real live, breathing creatures constantly in motion. It seems to the vast majority of the world that humans are as superior as it gets, that we may overcome most difficulties. People have forgotten that we have been in fact lingering on somone, even something, else's planet as if it were our own, and we carelessly leave our mark on anything and everything that would ensure us our ownership of this earth.

I have always had a strong connection to nature; to all sorts of plants as well as the diamonds of morning dew cast on the petals of flowers and branches of humming trees. I decided to pause the activities i had been doing one day, and to simply sit and relax on the silky grass with my back resting alongside an old tree trunk. There had been bushes with glossy red berries around me, as well as a handful of grasses and greens; some flowers, too. I closed my eyes and felt the aura of the tree behind me. I felt the life of the greens beneath my bare feet rise up and embrace me. All so quickly had my mood shifted and become relaxed, dreamy, satisfied. I don't think I could've felt any happier. Maybe it wasn't even happiness, but secretly I had been rejoicing inside, knowing that I've discovered an old realm within this planet and had befriended the original inhabitants which aided in the creation of all life.

At that moment I had compared myself to the rest of human civilization, "the superior race". I laughed to myself and pondered the true weakness humans posses. Compared to other beings, souls, presences, and whatever it may be recognized as, the human race has been conclusively nothing more but a mere speck in time, and even that would be embarassing to count. When I thought about everything that had accommodated the seed from which our earth sprout, it felt more lively than anything i could imagine. This ongoing era of nature almost infuses in people its knowledge and wisdom, and a whole new meaning to the term "power" is awakened.

I shared memories of ages past and listened closely to the secrets being told from the old tree behind me. The reincarnations of flowers were scattered around my silhouette, and I realized that it felt like home. I am sure that the world and the many varieties of lives that inhabit it would now feel complete if only everyone was aware of this "different realm". When humans let go of their selfish egos and bind to power, then should that bind unravel, their eyes will open and perhaps they will discover the true meaning of life that everyone so desperately ponders.

"It feels like home, it feels like home," I whispered to myself. It felt like home because we, the humans, are the birth, and Mother Nature is the nuturer and eulogizer to this human episode.


If you have any comments. . .please share them with me.


[ c a r r i e ]
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[[ WEEE ]] [24 Feb 2006|11:26pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

look at what i made! :D

10 points if you can guess who.
-5 if you think the last one is Sailor Moon.

yehyeh :D!

p.s. i got my tix for the LC/TBM show . . . .now my mom is still being a pussy and deciding if i can go e_e boooo to that!
p.s.s. GOD MODULE is AMAZING :D as well as COLUMBINE.
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and i said. . .♥ [13 Feb 2006|07:52pm]
[ mood | productive ]

hello darlings.
things that are new:

a.] band practice w/ Ethan & Wes yesterday. really successful, really really good.
b.] i applied for Taste of Chaos to promote at 30 SECONDS TO MARS' booth. hopefully i win!
c.] i have three lovely valentines! Evan♥, Tien, & Molly.
d.] i've been really inspired to draw. i'm going to get a lot of things finished, now that i'm feeling confident with my grades even though the 2nd semester recently started with a fresh grade.
e.] i hope i get to see Mat soon. YOU KNOW WHY YOU LOSER. :>♥
f.] i am having a [photoshoot] soon, courtesy of Eric.
g.] i have to pee :X badly. AAHHH.

a kissy for those who don't have Valentines. . .
or a kissy just because i'm trying to hit on you & want to fuck you.

dollie <3's you for you who areee! hahaha♥

that is all,
[ ex oh ]
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feel it. [08 Jan 2006|05:59pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

a tender breeze brushes past this marionette,
for nighttime loves to play tricks upon her wake.
and as the creatures begin to be visible to her eye
she ponders, "must these be the reincarnations of i?"
her dreams unravel the story of her life
yet she's still and she sits
under the reign of her shadows

i'm in a band now.
another one >_< aka where we actually will practice.
me - guitar
billy - vox
& iono wtf edgar's doing anymore. we'll have to practice and feel it.

edgar&hayley. congrats you fucks :> ♥ i luhz yooz


Lunarclick, The Birthday Massacre, theSTART @ the ROXY 3/9/06.
be there or die :>

that is all.
[triple x],
d o l l
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SUPP. [25 Dec 2005|08:24pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

i haven't posted in a million years.

i are sorry :<

♥ new year's is coming . . . . that's what i celebrate, and that's when i get my presents. rawrr.
and i'm making people holiday cards.

i found the best fucking online store ever.

. . well, for fruitsy, lolita, japanese street fashion/gothic/punkrawk styles.

if that doesn't work for some reason, try

alsfjdas;ldfjas;l go check it out.

The Birthday Massacre is playing @ Bar Sinister on New Year's Eve. . .it's 21+ and i'm really upset :[ i hope i can go, especially considering New Year's is a family holiday for us russians D: bahh!

*wonders if i was missed* hmmm :]

that is all,
[ d o l l ! ]
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[12 Nov 2004|01:43pm]

You Are From the Moon

You can vibe with the steady rhythms of the Moon.
You're in touch with your emotions and intuition.
You possess a great, unmatched imagination - and an infinite memory.
Ultra-sensitive, you feel at home anywhere (or with anyone).
A total healer, you light the way in the dark for many.

and how true is this? extremely. those of you who know the other half, know why it is even more true.

hee, silly quizes making sense :\
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~*~* [18 Oct 2004|08:23pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

~*~*Collapse )

it was raining today, and just a moment ago, too.
i'm going to go to my room, call San about my english
then light my candles and incense
and listen to the night, breathing in the remainings of what once was immortal.

((why did you have to die))

[[and if you know what i mean by that, you win at life!]]

i didnt get to see the show tonight. sucks.

that is all
xoxo, dollie.

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sparkle lips [24 Sep 2003|09:58am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

saTurnsXscar (5:19:37 PM): mat told me he showed you my deviantart... which pics did you see?
CLAUDIA (5:21:31 PM): yeah.. I love it.. I want u to do more work with us.. pleeeassseee. begs
CLAUDIA (5:23:00 PM): I saw the one of me.. the quick one you did. I loved it.
I was looking though it but couldn't tell if I was looking at your work or something else on that site. :-)
saTurnsXscar (5:23:09 PM): itw as mine

CLAUDIA (5:40:37 PM): I saw it .. of Chibi. very cute.
If you are interested in working with us.. like doing some drawings.. I'd like to post them ont the site.. also make buttons of them or even a cool anime t-shirt. :-)
saTurnsXscar (5:40:49 PM): DURRRRRRR
saTurnsXscar (5:40:54 PM): i only emailed you to ask you if i could
saTurnsXscar (5:40:54 PM): ;-)
saTurnsXscar (5:40:55 PM): silly
CLAUDIA (5:41:35 PM): :-) yes please..
I have been swamped but I love your work & would like to definatley keep in touch.
So after this weekend.. I'll be a little less crazy . :-)
saTurnsXscar (5:41:46 PM): haha okay
saTurnsXscar (5:41:48 PM): <3

saTurnsXscar (5:50:49 PM): lc* has to perform in san diego
saTurnsXscar (5:51:00 PM): i know once you performed at Brick by Brick.. i know where it is but its 21+
CLAUDIA (5:51:53 PM): yeah.. we want to play at SOMA. isn't that an all ages club?
saTurnsXscar (5:51:58 PM): YESSS

EEEEEEEEKKKK CLAUDIA IS SO effing sweet its like not human.

she's so awesome @_@ i <333 her

so its offical, i'm Lunarclick*'s new artist ;)

but i'm not showing any of you what i'm drawing. i did to a couple of people.. but i'm sticking to one person. ^^

++screams so divine§

to die for [11 Aug 2003|05:58pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

+Tighten your tie boy..
You're something to die for..
But don't hold your breath now,
You're just killing time.
Imagine a whisper
If you can keep secrets,
I'll tell you mine.

finished it. :3 leave a comment if you could~~!

saTurnsXscar: you're a murdertramp, murdertramp, i think he said, you're a murder boy, birthday boy..i think i said X3
friedsashimi: ...
friedsashimi: Eerie.
saTurnsXscar: >_> lyrics
friedsashimi: That came up the exact moment they came up in the song.
saTurnsXscar: really o.o
friedsashimi: Yeah.

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all that i am turns to fear... [10 Aug 2003|05:51am]
[ mood | awake ]

i'm watching the sunrise

i haven't slept at all

oh how beautiful...

i wish it stayed like this. :'(

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[31 Jul 2003|05:14pm]
taken from cheree

caroline is the #248 most common female name.
0.085% of females in the US are named caroline.
Around 108375 US females are named caroline!
source namestatistics.com

slutskaya is a very rare last name.
Very few last names in the US are slutskaya.
Be proud of your unique last name!
source namestatistics.com

little do they know it's russian.


oh and it's "sloots-kaya" :)
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urgh [31 Jul 2003|01:24pm]
[ mood | hot ]

being sick isn't cool. coughing isn't cool. being hot isn't cool.

ps2 bloodrayne is cool. unable to beat the effing queen of spiders is so not cool.


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more quizzes [17 Jul 2003|01:08am]
Nihilist Bear
Nihilist Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

but i like fluffy kitties..


You Are so TOTALLY a synth fag.
Get out of my mom's closet! You're a fashion bitch
and are usually too busy
worrying about how your makeup and hair look to
notice that the 80s are over.

Are YOU a Synth Fag?
brought to you by Quizilla
++screams so divine§

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